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Rebar Processing Machines
Rebar Processing Machines are can be cut with a great degree of efficiency. They are mobile heavy-duty equipment that weighs between 450 and 600 kg. They require very low maintenance and replacement costs.
Rope Suspended Platforms
Rope Suspended Platforms are pieces of modern, high-efficiency overhead machinery that can reuse and replace a conventional scaffold. To ensure the strength parameters and give the consumers just the best, a rigorous quality check is conducted.
Passenger And Material Hoist
Passenger and Material Hoist is very easy to install and simple to use. An IoT-powered control system provides a platform for viewing and exporting time-series data and charts of real-time machine data and alarms for diagnostic purposes.
Multi-Functional Hoists
Multi-Functional Hoists may be used to transport TMT bars or building supplies. Because of its sturdy and straightforward design, they can be used for any type of vertical access, including direct access to buildings for new construction or renovation work.
Fire Evacuation Solution
We are dealing in the manufacturing and supplying of highly reliable and secured Fire Evacuation Solution for industrial sectors such as chemical, steam plants, and others to securely evacuate people in case of accidents due to high temperature flames. 
Concrete Placer Booms
Concrete Placer Booms are utilized for maintenance-free operation and are of high quality, reliable design. They are created to handle every building obstacle. They are a variety of concrete pump equipment. Its use is not limited to concrete delivery areas.

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